Young Digger, by Anthony Hill

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young-digger There has been such a plethora of military history books published during the WW1 centenary years that my eyes have started to glaze over when I come across another one, so readers with WW1-fatigue could be forgiven if they feel the same way about Young Digger.  But I was intrigued by the blurb even before I saw the cover with its engaging photo of a little kid in WW1 army uniform:

A small boy, an orphan of the First World War, wanders into the Australian airmen’s mess in Germany, on Christmas day in 1918. A strange boy, with an uncertain past and an extra-ordinary future, he became a mascot for the air squadron and was affectionately named ‘Young Digger’. And in one of the mot unusual incidents ever to emerge from the battlefields of Europe after the Great War, this solitary boy was smuggled back to Australia by air mechanic…

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