The Shriver Kerfuffle


big_brother_by_lion_341468a Lionel Shriver (image from Alchetron)

Following the dustup surrounding Lionel Shriver’s speech in Brisbane last week I thought it might be useful to provide a summary and to gather into one place as many links as I could. While I’m sure much of the outrage was confected, and indeed planned for, the underlying debate around Cultural Appropriation is of ongoing relevance. For me it began with a report in The Age of 11 Sept 2016:

Brisbane Writers Festival has been swept into a storm of controversy after the opening address of American author Lionel Shriver caused members of the audience to walk out.

This report was seemingly in response to an article in the Guardian of 10 Sept by Yassmin Abdel-Magied headed:

As Lionel Shriver made light of identity I had no choice but to walk out on her

referring to Shriver’s BWF opening address of the previous night, ie…

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  1. Thanks for the re-post. I’ve been looking over your site and now I’m worried I may not have expressed myself with sufficient logic!

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