Ethics in the Real World, by Peter Singer

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ethics-in-the-real-worldAustralian Peter Singer is one of my favourite philosophers because he writes about everyday issues that thoughtful citizens need to think about clearly.  I’ve reviewed a couple of his books about philanthropy (The Most Good You Can Do, and The Life You Can Save) but this latest title Ethics in the Real World  is different because it ranges widely over a variety of topics and as the sub-title says, it’s 86 Brief Essays on Things That Matter.  The 82 essays are short pieces of less than 1000 words written for newspapers or from Singer’s monthly column for Project Syndicate, a news service for media outlets in countries around the world.  As such, the essays resemble opinion pieces, and I didn’t find them as satisfying as his other books which offer a sustained and reasoned argument supporting his points of view.  It’s a book best dipped into on and off…

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  1. Peter Singer is a consequentialist, an ethical position I used to support before I actually studied ethics at Monash. I now think that this position is flawed – what’s best for the majority can lead to injustices for minorities.


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