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Why Evolution Is True

This one’s from Nick Cohen‘s lovely book What’s Left: How Liberals Lost Their Way.  Written in 2007, it’s a prescient and still timely criticism of Regressive Leftism. Cohen is a superb and clear writer, and his views are so congenial to mine that I almost feel as if he’s speaking directly to me. (Yes, I know I’m “reading from the choir,” but give me a break: I spent several years reading theology!) Wikipedia gives a decent precis of the book.

Here’s a quote about identity politics from page 105:

But as many radical intellectuals in the West retreated into the lecture halls before the tide of conservatism they had in part inspired, they fled from universal values. To generalize, the idea that a homosexual black woman should have the same rights as a heterosexual white man was replaced by a relativism which took the original and hopeful challenge of the early…

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