Another parent gets a slap on the wrist for medically abusing her child in the name of faith

Why Evolution Is True

I’ve written a lot about religion exemptions for children’s medical care, which I see as one of the greatest harms of the clash between science and faith in America. Thousands of sick children have died because their parents, rather than taking them to regular doctors, rely on faith healing instead. And most states give the parents a legal break for any harm that comes to the child. The sick part is that if parents neglected their children’s health on nonreligious grounds, they would be legally culpable—even, in some cases, for manslaughter. Here’s another sneak peak of something I said in The Albatross:

It’s not just the parents who are at fault. Religious exemptions are written into law by the federal and state governments—that is, those who represent all Americans. In fact, thirty-eight of the fifty states have religious exemptions for child abuse and neglect in their civil codes, fifteen states have such exemptions…

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