Trump loses the election

Why Evolution Is True

Knowing Donald Trump, my guess was always that he would make a gaffe so inexcusably insensitive and large that it would cost him the election. He’s made a number of these, but so far has had a Teflon patina. The latest, however, will cost him the endorsement of both Republican newspapers and fellow Republicans throughout the U.S.

His fatal remarks have must become public. The gaffes were made in 2005, and reflect his over-the-top sexism, but now they’re all over the Internet, and Republicans are running like lemmings to disavow him. He has apologized, but that doesn’t mean anything at this point; he’s gone; toast; and sleeps with the fishes. He’s an ex-candidate.

I have several hundred dollars in bets on this election, with my money on Hillary, and those who have bet me might as well pay off now.

Here’s what doomed Trump as a candidate; note that the language is graphic…

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