Liberal hypocrisy, the hijab, and the Iranian chess boycott

Why Evolution Is True

For my own sanity, I’m going to stop looking at the Huffington Post, as there’s nothing there of value unless you’re a Regressive Leftist or need your daily Two Minutes of Trump Hate. But I did want to mention one salubrious piece in that otherwise odiferous venue brought to my attention by Grania. It’s by Zubin Medon, and called “When chess grandmatster Nazi Paikidze said no to the hijab she also unveiled liberal hypocrisy“.

If you’re a regular here, you’ll know that American women’s chess champion Nazí Paikidze-Barnes is boycotting the Women’s World Chess Championships in Iran because the women players will be forced to wear the hijab (headscarf). FIDE, the international chess association, chose that venue and is supporting the hijab requirement, despite the fact that it violates their own rules against sex discrimination. The U.S., Danish, and British chess federations have also decried the hijab requirement and supported…

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