Bob Dylan behaves immaturely about his Nobel Prize

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Yes, we all know that Bob Dylan is weird and secretive, and we also know of people like Jean-Paul Sartre who declined a Nobel literature award. (One other person refused it—not a Literature prize—and several scientists were forced to refuse it by their totalitarian government. Can you name them?) We also know that Bob Dylan is laconic.

It’s okay for him to be weird, though, as his music was often superb (some, though, claim he doesn’t deserve a Nobel Prize for literature). And I remember what a jerk Dylan was, at least in his younger days; you can see that clearly in the 1967 movie Don’t Look Back.

But I hoped he’d grown up at least a little. Apparently not, though—at least according to many reports on his behavior after he nabbed the literature Nobel. He hasn’t acknowledged it, hasn’t mentioned it, and hasn’t even talked to the Swedish Academy…

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One response to “Bob Dylan behaves immaturely about his Nobel Prize

  1. Dylan writes song lyrics and sings them poorly. He can barely strum a few basic chords on the guitar or blow a few squawks on the harmonica. So it is a category error to describe him as a musician. Without his attempts at musical accompaniment, his lyrics would probably be called poetry, and poetry is literature. Whether his literature is worthy of a Nobel Prize, I’ll leave that to literary experts to judge.


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