Greg Mayer: Why I’m voting enthusiastically for Hillary

Why Evolution Is True

JAC: The title above and sentiments below are those of Greg alone, and do not represent the Official Views of This Website™ nor of Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus), who has repeatedly said that although he (PCC[E]) already voted for Hillary, he is not one of her more enthusiastic supporters.  With that disclaimer, I present the views of Professor Mayer, adding the note that you’re encouraged to either agree or disagree in the comments.

by Greg Mayer

Hillary Clinton will be a good president. In some ways she will be a transformative president. As the first woman president, she will lead the United States into the company of many other liberal democracies–the UK, Germany, Australia, and others–in having a female head of government. This will have a major impact in helping to enlarge our views of what it is possible for women to do. I think this will be most important for the…

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