The Rules of Logic Part 3: Logical Fallacies

The Logic of Science

Perhaps the most common mistake that people make in debates is the use of logical fallacies. This occurs largely because people generally are not taught logical fallacies, and, therefore, don’t recognize them when they use or see them. Knowing logical fallacies and being able to recognize them is, however, extremely important, because, as previously explained, the presence of even a single fallacy will completely destroy an argument and force you to reject it. So this post is my attempt to help my readers learn the how to spot logical fallacies. What follows is a list of some of the most commonly committed fallacies. For each of them, I attempted to provide examples to illustrate how they work (or, rather, fail to work). I have grouped these fallacies by “type.” These are not officially recognized distinctions (such as formal and informal fallacies), rather, they are groupings that I find useful…

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