Novella responds on GMOs

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[Below is Steve Novella’s response, also published on his blog, Neurologica, to my post about his criticism of the recent New York Times article on GMOs.]

I always enjoy when someone whom I respect and who cares about using careful and valid arguments disagrees with me. It is an opportunity for me to correct any mistakes I have made, to deepen my understanding of the topic, or at least tighten up my arguments.

Last week I wrote an article responding to a recent New York Times piece on GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Massimo Pigliucci, who is a friend and skeptical colleague, disagrees with my analysis. Massimo thinks that knee-jerk defense of GMOs is a problem generally in the skeptical movement, and uses me as an example. I disagree with him, but will discuss that toward the end.

I want to take the points that I make in my previous post…

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2 responses to “Novella responds on GMOs

  1. These posts on GMO have been interesting, but they miss the point – we who oppose GMO do so not because it works or doesn’t work or has undesirable side effects or whatever, but because it is of the class of technologies like burning fossil fuels or introducing cane toads or artificial intelligence or whatever is wiping out bees that has the potential of getting away from us, taking on a life of its own and wiping us out.


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