FTC debunks homeopathy; medical water on the way out

Why Evolution Is True

When I was in Hong Kong, I drove to the Literary Festival Dinner (a fantastic Chinese banquet) in a van with four educated, well-off, and well-traveled women who were on the Festival’s board of directors. Once on our way, they all proceeded to go after me for saying, in my conversation on faith versus science, that Chinese traditional medicine was largely bunk, as was acupuncture.  They were incensed, maintaining that Chinese medicine had been scientifically tested many times (as had acupuncture), and that my statement was simply “ignorant.”  I was shocked and taken aback, particularly because I was their guest. But I regrouped and tried to defend myself, citing the studies of acupuncture showing that it didn’t matter where the needles were inserted (there are specific points for specific ailments) or even whether the needles were inserted; sham and non-insertion acupuncture is no better than a placebo, which means the method doesn’t work as…

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