Senator Roberts Calls On The Senate To Debate If The Moon Is Made Out Of Cheese


One Nation Senator and tin foil hat aficionado Malcolm Roberts has today put forward that the Senate set aside time to debate whether or not the Moon is in fact made out of cheese. He has also proposed to look at the ramifications of Moon ownership should it turn out that the cheese the Moon is made of is in fact Swiss cheese.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Mr Roberts explained his sudden interest in the moon, saying: “There is no empirical evidence to support that the moon is not made out of cheese, I mean other than Mr Squiggle no one has actually been to the moon. I mean that Buzz Aldrin character carries on like he went there but I’ve found out through my extensive research that they faked the moon landing, filmed it in a Hollywood backlot.”

When told of Senator Roberts claims over the moon landing American…

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