Trump puts evolution-denier Ben Carson in his Cabinet!

Why Evolution Is True

According to CNN, Donald Trump has tapped former neurosurgeon and present-day creationist, Seventh-Day Adventist, believer in Satan, global-warming denialist, and flat-out abortion opponent (including in cases of rape or incest) Ben Carson to be his Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  His job? to “oversee federal public housing programs and helps formulate policy on homelessness and housing discrimination.”

Carson may have been a good neurosurgeon, but has no qualifications for such a job.  Plus he’s a creationist! I always worry that people who reject evolution—a mandate of Carson’s religion—won’t accept other facts they don’t like, either.

Well, this is in line with Trump’s other disasterious picks. My advice for Carson? Something he should know as a doctor: “First, do no harm.”

By the way, has Trump ever made any statements about whether he accepts evolution?


Carson on creationism:

I believe the Bible. I do believe it…

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