The disingenuousness of some British Muslims

Why Evolution Is True

This 15-month-old video, with Maajid Nawaz as the relentless interlocutor, shows how odious and duplicitous some prominent British Muslims can be when it comes to saying what they really think.

Nawaz, now a liberal and moderate Muslim, has an interesting history: he was born to Pakistani parents in the UK, educated in England, and then became radicalized and spent a year in Egypt, joining a revolutionary group dedicated to establishing the Caliphate. He was arrested in Egypt for belonging to the group, and spent four years in prison.

During his imprisonment, Nawaz became de-radicalized, and now speaks vociferously against extremist Islam, though I believe he still considers himself a Muslim (I don’t know how religious he is). He founded the anti-extremist Quilliam Foundation, and speaks extensively on the dangers of Islamism. He is a brave man: were I he, I’d fear for my life. (By the way, Nawaz and Sam Harris have…

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