Why do irrational beliefs mimic science?

Footnotes to Plato

Creationism debateEarlier this year I co-published a paper, together with my collaborators Stefaan Blancke and Maarten Boudry, entitled “Why Do Irrational Beliefs Mimic Science? The Cultural Evolution of Pseudoscience,” that I think readers of this blog will find interesting.

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  1. The instrument used by pseudoscience is deformation of meaning of words used by the science. Take for example the word energy. Whle science uses this term in very formal way, the pseudoscientists have no problem to use it in context of spiritual energy, without to define and formalize the meaning of it. Then they claim we are using the same terms as the scientists. When the scientific term energy becomes more complicated and less comprehensible by the lay man as in the case of quantum mechanics, the misuse of the world is even easier. In all these discussions between scientists and the creationists, always when the creationists use a term, shoud be asked to define what they mean by it, otherwise it’s not clear what they are saying. I understand that it may be hard to force the charismatic creationists to use understandable, well defined terms, but it seems to be the right way to make them inferior in their arguments.


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