The BBC’s comedy clip: “Real Housewives of ISIS”

Why Evolution Is True

The media has been criticized for going easy on Muslims, and even ISIS, but at least the BBC has a sense of humor about them. As The Independent and Metro report, on Tuesday the BBC 2 screened the clip below as part of the comedy show “Revolting”.

But the clip has caused outrage among many people who say it is insensitive, with more than 33,000 comments left under the trailer debating whether or not it goes too far.

‘Making fun of vulnerable girls who’ve been groomed and are being raped by terrorists,’ one woman wrote. ‘To everyone finding this funny, you’re sick in the head.’

Judge for yourself, and remember it’s just a self-contained clip, not a real show. Also, since many Muslims criticize or “disown” ISIS, you’d think they wouldn’t be so hard on this kind of satire.

While I’m surprised this appeared on the BBC, I have…

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