University of London students demand that white philosophers be excised from curriculum

Is the world going mad?

Why Evolution Is True

A caveat first: this article comes from The Daily Mail, and I haven’t been able to verify it from other news sources. On the other hand, I have verified the students’ demands to which it refers (see below). Further, the Mail article gives quotes from the likes of Sir Roger Scruton, which would have to have been fabricated by the paper. Finally, you’re not going to see many pieces like this published on progressive websites or even in the “mainstream” press. So make of it what you will.

What was reported is that some students at the prestigious School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London have demanded that the works of many famous philosophers be dropped from the curriculum—or looked at more critically—because they are white. That apparently means that those philosophers are exponents of colonialism. From the Mail:

. . . .students at a University of London college are…

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5 responses to “University of London students demand that white philosophers be excised from curriculum

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  2. Without getting too philosophical right here: This is another instance that confirms my theory that most people are idiots, regardless of educational lettering, color of skin, ethinic heritage, cultural backround, etc…

    Most people are plain morons; this proportion includes every population, including populations made up of ivy league students, and similar prestigious institutions.
    And as well my thoery: Education in most cases does not necessarily confer intelligence, only skill sets.

    But hey: let em do it. It would be a good experiment to see if iver the long terms they end up coming to different philosophical conclusions . Because, we dont really know now, do we, if the removal of say Hegel, would move thinking back to his observations in some end, or if wed arrive at an entirely as uet unknown idea.

    Let em donit i say. Idiots rule anyways; let em at it.


  3. Isn’t it called racism?


    • I think it is madness that this is not recognised as racism.

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      • Brexit and Donald Trump is exactly the reaction to this madness. Because someone has dark skin colour, it doesn’t mean he is a-priory right. Unfortunately this apologetic view of most of the “Lefty Intellectuals” brings back the neo racism of all the races standing against each other with furios animosity.


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