Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: anti-vaxer

Why Evolution Is True

What a comedown! Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (born 1954), son of the late RFK, senator and attorney general, has become an anti-vaxer, and a particularly invidious one.  I haven’t really followed his attacks on vax, but “Orac” (the web name of surgeon David Gorski, who’s given me permission to identify him) has, and Gorski has repeatedly attacked the long-time antivaccination stance of Kennedy.  RFK Jr. is not really an anti-vaxer in the sense of opposing vaccinations per se, but opposes vaccinations that contain thimerosal, a mercury-containing compound once used to preserve vaccines. That preservative, he claims, causes autism.

That’s right, I said thimerosal was “once used.” It hasn’t been used in over a decade, except for certain flu vaccines that are used in remote parts of the world where they can’t be preserved by refrigeration. Nevertheless, Kennedy continues to harp on the dangers of thimerosal, including the claim that…

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