When anti-Israel criticism becomes anti-Semitism: German court rules that torching of synagogue reflected criticism of Israel’s policies

Why Evolution Is True

Whenever I say that there’s a thin line between anti-Semitism and criticism of Israeli’s policies, I get excoriated. Truth be told, I think that not a trivial part of movements like BDS or campus protests against Israel are directed not at Israeli politicians, but against Jews themselves. BDS founders have covertly (and sometimes overtly) expressed approbation for the elimination of Israel itself, and there’s simply too much opprobrium directed at Israel—as opposed to other states whose malfeasance is far worse—to be explained by politics alone. Finally, the New York Times reported in 2014, after the synagogue attack discussed here took place, that demonstrators in Belgium and France were shouting not “Down with Israel!” or even “Death to IsraelI”, but “Death to the Jews!”

This opinion has been sustained by a new decision by a European high court—in Germany no less.

In February of 2015, as reported by The Jerusalem Post (and…

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