The Great Debate: Evolution vs Creationism

‘The Great Debate’? Between whom? Not amongst scientists.

Victorian Skeptics

This article first appeared as a Vic Skeptics discussion pamphlet and was first posted here in March 2011.

With Charles Darwin’s impending 208th birthday on February 12 it seems appropriate to revisit it.


One of the many amazing stories in the Bible is the story of The Great Flood.

Before The Great Flood Noah was commanded by his God to build an ark (a large boat) and to collect a pair of all the animals on Earth. The Great Flood wiped out all the other animals, including humans, and those on Noah’s Ark repopulated the Earth after the flood subsided.

Given our present knowledge of evolution, genetics, geology, physics and archeology, few people, even practising Christians, believe the story to be literally true. However there are some people who insist that all the Bible stories are literally true. As well as the story of Noah’s Ark they also…

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One response to “The Great Debate: Evolution vs Creationism

  1. I would also recommend the selection below:
    – ‘Science, Evolution, and Creationism’ (book) [available from NAS:;
    – ‘Faith vs. Fact’ (book) [Jerry Coyne];
    – ‘Not in Our Classrooms’ (book) [Eugenie Scott / Glenn Branch];
    – ‘Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters’ (book) [Donald Prothero]
    – ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ (book) [Richard Dawkins];
    – ‘The Theory of Evolution’ (book) [John Maynard Smith];
    – ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’ (book) [Sean B. Carroll]; and;
    – ‘Hominid Paleobiology, and the Origin of Modern Humans’ [Lecture, Tim D. White:


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