Joe Hildebrand on free speech

“This should make the blood run cold in any free-thinking, independent, intelligent person.” – Joe Hildebrand on Australia’s Grand Mufti’s calls to make it illegal to criticise Muslims about their religion.



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2 responses to “Joe Hildebrand on free speech

  1. Not to allow to criticize Islam, is like not to allow to criticize Nazism or Communism. Islam with its totalitarianism essence can’t except criticism, and this is exactly the point. Exactly those ideologies and faith that can’t live with criticism, need more than other beliefs to be criticized. The only answer of Islam to criticism, exactly as of Communism and Nazism is mass despotism and murder.


  2. Joe obviously had something important to say, so I don’t understand why the other people on the panel kept trying to interrupt him.


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