More chiropractic shenanigans

Why Evolution Is True

I don’t think I’ve ever been so besieged by newbie commenters as I have by chiropractors and their acolytes over the last several days. After I posted a few times on that form of quackery (here, here, here, and here), I’ve had chiropractors, students in chiropractic school, and even chiropactors’ wives try to comment on this site showing me how badly wrong I’ve gone. Chiropractic, they say, effects “miracle” cures. I’ve posted a few of their beefs, but they’re getting repetitive and tiresome, and they’re easily refuted. Here are a few of the common responses, which I’ll let readers deal with since they’re no-brainers (I can’t resist a few parenthetical comments):

  • Chiropractic is perfectly safe, and the cases of damage are overrated.
  • Scientific medicine is much more dangerous, with a higher number of deaths resulting after medical treatment (but the quacks don’t distinguish proper treatment that doesn’t work from medical malpractice).
  • Along…

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