Claire Lehmann on feminism’s new love for Islamic “modesty culture”

Why Evolution Is True

Claire Lehmann, editor of the true liberal website Quillette, made a 4-minute video on feminists’ growing celebration of Islamic “modesty culture”—a video that deserves wider airing. Yes, it’s put out by the right-wing site Rebel Media, but who else would sponsor and air a video like this?

Claire is in fact not at all a conservative, but a liberal in the classical mold. And it takes a classical liberal to make these simple points:

Wearing a headscarf is not an achievement. It is certainly not a feminist statement.”

And her point about hijabophiles wanting attention is right on the money. Something has gone awry with feminism when it fetishizes and worships a symbol of male oppression. If a true patriarchy exists, it is Islam.

See Claire’s other Rebel Media videos here.

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