New Scientist: Atheism is a belief system like religion

Why Evolution Is True

I’ve about had it with the mushheaded osculation of faith by New Scientist (see some of my previous criticism here), and if I had a subscription, which I don’t, I’d cancel it this week. (I don’t think it’s a very good magazine anyway.)

For this week’s editorial, “Holy faith?”, Graham Lawton (no free link), executive editor of the magazine, takes up the argument that atheism is “just another religion.” And then Lawton, who says he’s an atheist, defends that claim!

You might remember Lawton as the author of the incredibly misguided article, “Darwin was wrong about the tree of life” (no free link”) in New Scientist‘s “Darwin Was Wrong” issue. My critique of Lawton’s sensationalist tripe was one of the first posts I put up on this website.

Here he’s far more wrong than he said Darwin was (all emphasis is by Lawton):

The “just another religion” claim seems…

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