Racism, sexism and ageism in HuffPo

Why Evolution Is True

In their new mission to be as inclusive as possible, PuffHo seems to have marginalized some groups.

The piece (click on screenshot if you want to read it) is about Jeff Sessions and his new policy, approved by Trump, to increase the penalties for drug offenders, reimposing mandatory minimum sentences. This is a rollback of the more enlightened policies dictated by Eric Holder and Obama, and I don’t like the new guidelines, which could put you in jail for life without parole for trafficking in drugs. An article about that change and its import would have been fine.

But HuffPo, ever ready to demonize white people, old people, and males, saw fit to put in the headline above. It also implies that all the bad things that happen are due to “old white men,” which of course is not true.  It’s totally gratuitous.

This is reprehensible journalism, not self aware at…

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