BBC threatens the jobs and

This is bizarre.

Why Evolution Is True

The BBC has a newish “privacy and cookies policy” that has some undesirable features. If you go to pp. 15-16 on the linked document, you’ll see the following diktat:

This is reprehensible. Now of course if the Beeb has reasonable evidence that you’ve really broken the law, then, yes, they should report crimes to the police. And they certainly have the right to remove any comment you make that they don’t like

But “defamatory” stuff? What does that mean? Does that mean when insult somebody? Does the reporting-to-the-boss function include anything the Beeb deems “offensive, inappropriate, or objectionable content”?

And what is this stuff about informing your employer or school? It’s not enough, it seems, to report you to the cops, even if the cops determine that your behavior is legal. Nope, the BBC will take it upon themselves to try to ruin your life by also ratting…

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