More obscurantism connected with the “Conceptual Penis” hoax

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s a find tweeted out by James Lindsay, who, with Peter Boghossian, wrote the “conceptual penis” hoax paper.  That paper has gotten the knickers of Regressive Leftists in a Mobius-like twist as the ideologically ossified do everything they can to discredit the authors. (This, of course, comes from the increasing willingness of people to show that many papers in cultural and gender studies are intellectually vacuous as well as abysmally written.)

The original post (from reddit?) may itself have been a joke, but the passage is not; it comes from this article—in a journal that the RL’s admit is a good one (it was the one that initially rejected the hoax paper but passed it to a related journal).

Here’s the passage reproduced at the top of the tweeted-out post:

On the basis of this sex–gender distinction, a discussion concerning the character and psychogenesis of phallic masculinity, informed by…

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