Kenan Malik: more on cultural appropriation

Why Evolution Is True

Yesterday I highlighted Kenan Malik’s take on cultural appropriation (he dislikes those who police it) as well as some of the pushback he got from Culture Warriors. Grania pointed out that Maliks has issued a series of tw**ts asking critics of c.a. some pointed questions. Those who are quick to deny others the right to cultural “goodies” rarely ask themselves these questions:

In the meantime, on a reader’s recommendation I’ve had one of Malik’s books, which was borrowed from the University library, recalled so that I can read it:

From the Guardian‘s review in 2009:

In From Fatwa to Jihad, Kenan Malik takes a panoramic view of England before and after the seismic events of the Rushdie affair. In a collection of punchy chapters in razor sharp prose comes an intelligent and insightful analysis of how racism, multiculturalism, religion and terrorism has affected British society over the last…

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