Washington Post writer dishonestly calculated death toll from terrorism vs other forms of murder

Why Evolution Is True

I’m not sure exactly why Tung Yin (described as “a professor at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon [with an] academic specialty [in] national security law and terrorism”) wrote a new essay in the Washington Post—”Is it terrorism or mass murder? That depends on our biases.“—but I have a few ideas. What Yin does is to claim that our definition of terrorism depends largely on the pigmentation of the perpetrator, and that that is a form of bias.

And it would be if that were the case. I’m not sure it is. But Yin, who apparently is unbiased, offers his own definition of terrorism, which he claims is a better one—though I think he’s dead wrong. His definition is based on body counts rather than motivation of the killers.

First, though, Yin gives the Federal legal definition of terrorism, which comprises violent acts that “appear…

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