2017 Rare Books Week #2

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Ok, here’s a further update from my adventures at Rare Book Week.

Robert Hoddle by Agnes McDonald (Wikipedia Commons)

On Sunday I went to Gary Presland’s about ‘Reconstructing Melbourne’s Forgotten Landscapes’ … if you have a really, really good memory you might remember that I reviewed Presland’s book The Place for a Village but this session was more about the resources that he used for his research.  It turns out that the early surveyors are the heroes of this story: Robert Hoddle is famous as our first surveyor because he laid out the grid for Melbourne, but his field books from the 1830s and 1840s are valuable sources for reconstructing the way that Melbourne used to be.  Other useful resources include the rare geological maps, artworks, land survey department documents which are held in various collections including the State Library, the Royal Historical Society of Victoria and the Public Records Office. …

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