The hyprocrisy of HuffPo: after celebrating the hijab, it now reports that women in Iran are protesting its mandatory wearing

Why Evolution Is True

For several years HuffPo has been celebrating women who wear the hijab, acting as if it’s some kind of achievement to lift weights or fence wearing a headscarf. Well, yes, if a woman succeeds in her goals while insisting that she wear a symbol of her faith, that’s great. The problem is that, as Alishba Zarmeen has said, the hijab is like the Confederate flag; celebrate it at your peril. Here’s her statement (in her husband’s tweet), which I love:

Now, after saying how wonderful the hijab is, and touting “Wear a hijab day” for Western woman (isn’t that cultural appropriation?),  PuffHo finally admits that, well, maybe some women don’t wear it out of “choice”. (As a determinist, what I mean by that is that they would not…

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