The World Turned Upside Down: HuffPo publishes article blaming Islam for terrorism!

Why Evolution Is True

Zubin Madon is identified as a mechanical engineer from Mumbai, India—and an atheist. Just yesterday, in the pages of PuffHo, he published one of the best indictments of the Regressive Left I’ve seen: “Terror has no religion.” It pretty much dismantles the multifarious argument that Islam and its dictates have nothing to do with promoting terrorism. Of course Regressive Leftists will pay no attention, for theirs is a faith not subject to disconfirmation, and they’ve already decided that when Enlightenment values clash with religious doctrines, the latter win—but only when those doctrines are held by Muslims.

First, the title of the piece is clearly a play on two previous articles published at PuffHo. The first,  “Terror has no religion, ” was written by by Harun Yahya in 2013. Many of you will know that Harun Yahya is the pseudonym for Adnan Oktar, a sleazy Turkish creationist who produced the infamous Atlas of Creation

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