Does philosophy have value for science? A befuddled Bill Nye is unable to answer.

Why Evolution Is True

My dislike of the present incarnation of Bill Nye has been obvious on this site. Although I never watched him as “The Science Guy,” and thus am perfectly prepared to believe he was great at interesting kids in science, he’s never recovered from the loss of that show—and the attention it brought him.  Since shedding his carapace as The Science Guy, he’s been thrusting his mug everywhere, and his behavior has been embarrassing or unproductive, from his debate with Ken Ham, his views on evolution and GMOs (he was once against the, and then did a 180° turn)—even on how European Jews should act to reduce anti-Semitism. (See more posts here).  Perhaps the worst was his grandiosely named and (unfortunately) recently renewed Netflix show, “Bill Nye saves the world,” which often degenerated into incoherent babble about Ctrl-Leftism (see the segment in this post). Let’s face it: the…

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