Albatross killer sentenced to jail

Why Evolution Is True

The other day I posted on the vicious killer and maimer of 15 threatened Laysan albatrosses, one Christian Gutierrez, a 20 year old NYU student who did the carnage on Oahu with some fellow thugs. Six of them were on a camping trip, and three of them (two juveniles and Gutierrez) were charged with a variety of crimes, including animal cruelty and destruction of property. Gutierrez originally pleaded “not guilty,” but changed his plea to “no contest” after a plea deal in which he’d be allowed to face lesser charges in return for testifying against the other murderers.

There was some lively discussion on this site about whether Gutierrez should get jail time; I said “yes” because it would be a deterrent to those who hurt wild animals—something that’s often not even prosecuted.

The judge rendered his decision yesterday, and it’s the slammer for Christian—but only for 45 days. He…

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