Of egg cups and kettles: British vs American cooking

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s a tweet from moth dad via Matthew Cobb. moth dad is deeply affronted by the lack of egg cups (and also electric kettles) in America.

Matthew explains:

It’s about Brits being amazed that US folk don’t have electric kettles and don’t eat soft-boiled eggs. Oh and you don’t eat custard. So mutual trans-atlantic incomprehension. The guy’s outrage is quite amusing. People are genuinely baffled by each other’s (others’ ??? – which is it?) habits.

Now I’m sure moth dad’s harangue is mostly in jest, but the laws of physics have compelled me to respond (I even tweeted at moth dad!).

Yes, egg cups are rare in America, though I have two. It’s because Americans don’t often eat soft-boiled eggs. That alone accounts for the absence of their proper receptacle. As for electric kettles, the absence of those is indeed a flaw in American kitchens, as they boil water very…

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