What are your moral foundations? Take the test!

Why Evolution Is True

If you go to this site, you can take what I’m told is Jon Haidt’s “Moral Foundations” test: a series of 36 questions telling you how people behaved in “moral dilemma” situations and then asking you to decide whether that behavior was good or bad (there are three degrees of goodness and of badness). Some of the questions you’ll be familiar with if you’ve read Haidt’s work, e.g: someone cleans her toilet with an American flag. Is that good or bad, and to what degree?

I took the test, and here are my results:

I haven’t the slightest idea what it means, as I’m not that familiar with Haidt’s work, but I guess I like the fact that I have a high “care” and “fairness” rating, a low “authority” rating, and that my morality is that of “left liberal”. I’m not very loyal, though!

The site explains what each of…

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