Michael Nugent on the de-platforming of Richard Dawkins

Why Evolution Is True

Michael Nugent is the head of Atheist Ireland (and a playwright), and works tirelessly for secularism in Europe. He’s also known for always wearing a red polo shirt, even when meeting heads of state. (I once emailed him why but got no reply.) But in a more serious vein, he’s just written a long email to Berkeley station KPFA that he’s posted publicly on his website, “Why KPFA radio should reconsider breaking its agreement with Richard Dawkins“. It’s a long article, as is customary for Michael, but it’s thorough, and even has a preliminary outline (Michael’s words are indented throughout):

In this letter I will address:

  1. The problem with your current approac
  2. Why your original decision was unjustifie
  3. Your profiting from Chris Hedges and Christopher Hitchen
  4. The word Islamophobia and the demonising of Richard Dawkins
  5. Summary of what I am requesting

It’s a good letter, but there’s not a…

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