Cornrows: Cultural appropriation?

Why Evolution Is True

Amandla Stenberg (born 1998) is an American actress best known for her roles in the Hunger Games movie series. Here, from an article in the Authoritarian Left DailyHuffington Postis a video in which Stenberg complains about the wearing of cornrows by non-blacks as a form of cultural appropriation.  The PuffHo piece has the title below; click on the screenshot to go to the article.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 7.47.16 AMAfter the headline, the article ends like this:

Jenner should watch this video and think twice before she wears cornrows again.

So proclaims a privileged white editor at PuffHo. Here’s the video, called “Don’t Cash Crop on My Cornrows”. (Note Stenberg’s own hairstyle.)

I’ve always thought that this kind of complaint is misguided, for—as in the example of cornrows—the “appropriation” is not in any sense a denigration of black culture, but a sign of admiration for a hairstyle that—let us recognize it—originated in Africa.  As they say, “imitation is…

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