Cultural relativism goes down in flames in Canada

Why Evolution Is True

Reader Steve called my attention to an article in the online Toronto Star about an overly lenient legal judgment that was based on cultural relativism, but a judgment that was rectified when the Canadian courts came to their senses.

The story: an Iranian immigrant who moved to Canada was convicted of long-standing and violent physical abuse of his wife. The description:

The convicted man, whose identity is protected by a publication ban [JAC: Why is there a ban? He’s no longer living with his family. Why would Canada hide the identity of a criminal who was not a juvenile?], moved to Canada with his family in 2009. The judges found he sexually assaulted his wife three to four times a month, forcing her to “have sex with him by hitting her, pulling her hair, pinching her and forcefully removing her clothes.”

“The sex was painful. She cried…

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