Women in Istanbul stage “Don’t Mess With My Outfit” march against increasing Islamic modesty standards

Why Evolution Is True

In 1980, the Turkish government banned the wearing of the hijab (headscarf) in public places and by public employees, but lifted that ban in 2013, which is meet and proper in a democratic country, especially one that’s 95% Muslim. (Kemal Atatürk, despite his secularization of the country, never banned the headscarf or any garb except the fez, veil, and turban; he apparently thought that headscarves would disappear over time.) Just this year, the lifting of the hijab ban extended to members of the military—all part of Erdogan’s program of increasing theocracy. But I have no issue with allowing hijabs, since there should be religious freedom and the headscarf doesn’t interfere with any public duties.

There is a downside to this, though, one I learned of when visiting and lecturing at the public Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara some time ago—when the hijab was still banned there. As I’ve…

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