Malaysian government minister calls for atheists to be “hunted down”

Why Evolution Is True

As you may know, Muslim whitewashers like Reza Aslan point out that there are “liberal” Muslim countries—like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Turkey—where Islam is not oppressive. You can see his claims, as well as their refutation, on this post by Muhammad Syed Sarah Haider at The Friendly Atheist,Reza Aslan is wrong about Islam and this is why“. (This is a must-read piece). We know what’s happening in Turkey, and Syed and Haider have some choice words about Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Here’s what they say about Malaysia, the country that’s the subject of this short post:

Malaysia has a dual-system of law which mandates sharia law for Muslims. These allow men to have multiple wives (polygyny) and discriminate against women in inheritance (as mandated by Islamic scripture).It also prohibits wives from disobeying the “lawful orders” of their husbands.

Malaysia also has a high incidence of female…

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