More reaction to A. N. Wilson’s new biography of Darwin

Why Evolution Is True

Yesterday A. N. Wilson‘s new debunking biography of Darwin, Charles Darwin: Victorian Mythmaker, came out in the UK (it’ll be out the U.S. in December), but a while back it had already caused a fracas among reviewers. While a few reviewers liked it, most of them, including anyone who knew anything about evolution or Darwin, gave it very bad reviews for its accusations that Darwin was at once a). a plagiarist, stealing all his important ideas from other people and not giving them credit, b). a racist, devoted to white supremacy and “Social Darwinism”, and c). scientifically wrong, promoting a theory for which there was no evidence—at least no evidence for “evolution between species” (sound familiar?).

I’ve written about some of this controversy here, here, here, and here, but will review the book more formally after I’ve read it.

Below, thanks to Matthew, is a four-minute clip…

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