Students for Justice in Palestine lump Zionists with fascists and white supremacists, urge physical violence against them

Why Evolution Is True

I’ve always seen Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) as an anti-Semitic organization, since they’re “anti-Zionist” (that’s the euphemism for “anti-Semitic”, just as “states’ rights” was once a euphemism for “segregation”). How can you say you’re not anti-Semitic if you are against the existence of Israel as a homeland for refugee Jews? Here is the only definition of “Zionism” given my personal definition authority, the Oxford English Dictionary:

Now you can say you’re not anti-Semitic—only against some of the policies of the state of Israel—but it makes much less sense to say that you’re not anti-Semitic but are anti-Zionist. That is saying, “I have nothing against Jews, but I think their country, recognized by the UN in 1949, should be abolished.”

(Note that up until World War II, anti-Zionism was not equivalent to anti-Semitism, for there was a real debate among Jews whether they should assimilate into their home countries—the…

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