Susan Jacoby on the misuses of 9/11

Why Evolution Is True

In three days it will be the tenth anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center, and we can expect the press and television to be flooded with pieces about “what it all meant.”

In her column The Spirited Atheist at the Washington Post’s “Faith” section, “The sacrilized myth of 9/11“, Susan Jacoby objects to the “sacralization” of this event:

By sacralization, I do not mean the phantasms of those who see a crucifix in a surviving piece of metal among the ruins but an ongoing attempt, usually in religious but also in secular rhetoric, to elevate this event from one more chapter in the history of human evil to “the day that changed everything.”

This mass murder did not change everything; it changed only some things. And what it did change, it generally changed for the worse. . . . Memorialization rightly recalls the names and…

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