12 basic things Australians should have learned at school

Over the years, I have become concerned that there is some important basic knowledge that many Australians lack. I can only conclude that either they did not pay attention in school, or that these things are not taught in our school education system.

1. How Australian democracy works.

2. How markets work.

3. The difference between a recommendation and a decision.

4. The difference between an employee and a contractor.

5. What superannuation is, and how it works.

6. What science is, and how it works. In particular, what a scientific theory is.

7. That all matter consists of chemicals, including living things.

8. Vaccination, fluoridation and genetically modified foods are safe.

9. If a health treatment works, it is medicine. If it doesn’t work, it is quackery. There is no such thing as ‘alternative medicine‘.

10. People do not need vitamin or mineral supplements, unless they have a medically diagnosed deficiency.

11. Why free speech is important.

12. What philosophy is.

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