Squirrel shoots slinky at chipmunk stealing its dinner

Why Evolution Is True

There are many misguided people who denigrate squirrels, but having lived with them up here on the third floor for years, I know what awesome rodents they are.  Submitted for your approval: three videos in which squirrels pwn their opponents.

In this one, a squirrel appears to remove a chipmunk taking its food by slamming it with a stretched Slinky. Now that seems too weird to contemplate, but you tell me: did it do this–twice–on purpose?

Here a squirrel (don’t know the species) drives away a rattlesnake endangering its brood by throwing dirt in its face. There’s no doubt about its aims (and its aim), but is this instinctive or learned? Whichever, it’s cool. This is from a Facebook post, so click on the screenshot to go to the video:

Here’s another squirrel bothering a rattlesnake with the same tactic. It must be instinctive!

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