More dumb claims that environmental epigenetics will completely revise our view of evolution

Why Evolution Is True

There’s an interesting new paper out on the genetic basis of eye loss in cave fish, reported in a manuscript in biorxiv (not yet peer reviewed) by Aniket Gore et al. (reference and free download at bottom. ) It’s also summarized by New Scientist in the online article below (click on screenshot to go to article), as well as in a copy of the magazine’s paper issue, which I saw in Cambridge.  I’ll briefly summarize the paper, but what interested me at first was how New Scientist dealt with it.

The original title in the paper journal was “Blind cavefish’s strange evolution”, but now it’s this online (click on screenshot to go there):

That’s not much of a difference. What is different is how they sell the result in the paper version versus the online version, which I suspect came later (or was revised).  The paper version says this (h/t to…

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