Cato Institute releases survey on free speech and tolerance

Why Evolution Is True

The Cato Institute, as I mentioned yesterday, conducted a poll (along with YouGov) of 2300 Americans on their attitudes toward free speech and related issues. Their report, “The state of free speech and tolerance in America“, is now online, and it’s a gold mine of data, even if the sample size is a bit small. While I summarized the results (as published in The Atlantic) in two separate posts yesterday, there are some results I didn’t mention, and some graphs that might be useful to those who gives talks on this stuff. Here are a few results I didn’t mention yesterday; the Cato Institute’s words are indented:

65% Say Colleges Should Discipline Students Who Shut Down Invited Campus Speak

Two-thirds (65%) say colleges need to discipline students who disrupt invited speakers and prevent them from speaking. However, the public is divided on how: 46% want to give…

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