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Why Evolution Is True

I suspect this will be the last RWP post until Tuesday of next week—unless somebody sends me photos from tomorrow till Monday (I leave my photo folder on my office computer). And today we have cranes photographed by reader Karen Bartelt, whose notes and IDs are indented:

In October my husband and I visited the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, WI.  This could be dismissed as just a “crane zoo”, but the foundation does important work, not only bringing wild whooping cranes back from the brink of extinction (down to 22 when I was a kid to over 600 today) but also working to ensure wetland habitat preservation in Africa and Asia.  All 15 species of cranes are on site.  Here is a selection of some of the cranes.  In a separate submission, I’ll send photos of the wild cranes we saw later on in Wisconsin.

Grey-crowned cranes (Balearica…

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